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Organic Water Based Lube Making Workshop

Do you love a good lube job? Are you tired of wondering what kinds of strange chemicals and ingredients are ending up inside your genitals via your store bought lube? Is your store bought lube actually kinda just sticky and… Continue Reading →

Physiological Coherence: Matters of the 🖤

Out of all the science I currently have my fingers in these days, the one I am most excited about deals with matters of the heart. Perhaps traditionally we have considered a steady heart rate to be a healthy heart… Continue Reading →

The Scales Don’t Lie

Testosterone Considerations: Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise

Whether you are aiming to increase your level of human performance in the realms of fighting, fucking, or fitness for any aspect of life; sooner or later; you are going to want to look into testosterone. While it is commonly… Continue Reading →

Tantric Body Work

The first question is what is tantra, exactly? The truth is no one really knows… Before you decide to go all Shiva on my ass, hear me out! Put quite simply… “As most modern scholars agree, the term “Tantra” or… Continue Reading →

The Undeniable Laws of Animal Attraction

Coitus, sex, mating; whatever you want to call it; putting our genitals together for the sake of the species is one of the oldest and most fundamental human movements there is; and I could argue that with the exception of… Continue Reading →

Quit Your Bullshitting

Intermittent Fasting: The Diet of The Gods?

Intermittent Fasting (IF) can be a bit of an ambiguous term but it is basically reducing caloric intake and the frequency in which you eat meals. There are many different forms of fasting and some of the oldest methods have… Continue Reading →

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