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Perth, Western Australia

I am a Sexual Kinesiologist, Martial Artist, and Human Performance Facilitator.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology and my major interests are sociocultural perspectives and psycho-physiological relationships of health and human performance.

My aim is to work with clients over blocked out periods of time through a process of coaching, education, and training, with the major purpose of identifying and effecting factors in relation to breaking down barriers and creating positive change in any aspect of life.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is broadly defined as the study of human movement, performance, and function; and is generally applied to fields of competition and sport as well used as a holistic means for promoting health and performance in all areas of life.

In order to solve a problem or find a pathway to success; whether it be personal, organizational, or societal; Kinesiologists take a multidisciplinary approach, applying knowledge, methods of inquiry, and principles from traditional areas of study in the arts, humanities and sciences using the physical self as the conduit of feedback and control.

Performance Coaching


At the heart of everything I do, there lies coaching.

Coaching is a wonderful process of refinement, inquiry, and focus.

Through a series of questioning and conversations, clients are assisted in fully articulating their intended purpose, hashing out a map of the situation’s current reality, assessing any options that may present themselves, and taking appropriate decisive action to get themselves there.

This process is further enhanced by reviewing the body of scientific evidence that revolves around the questions at hand, identifying what psychological, sociological, and physiological factors contribute to either enhancing or inhibiting their efforts, and adjusting the plan to suit.

Heartrate Variability Training


Clients are guided into a state of physiological coherence through a biofeedback process of heart focused rhythmical breathing.

Studies show that heart rate variability training has a whole host of psychological and physiological benefits; from anti-aging to intuition; in these states it is said that the body and mind seek to put themselves in harmonious order.

Sexual Kinesiology

Let’s talk about sex, I love it!

I’m very keen to talk to anyone about their sex life and discuss with them how it relates to their overall health and human performance.

Life is a psychosomatic event and sex is perhaps the greatest example of this.

For things to go well many psychological, physiological, and oftentimes, social, forces must be acting in unison.

Very interestingly many of these aspects of our sexuality are interrelated, carry specific profiles, and can be acted on in the most fantastic ways.

My favorite topics are sexual attraction, orgasmic response, and sex as a means of transcendence.

In working with my clients, I draw on the findings and recommendations from sexological and other scientific research as well as look for wisdom and insight from various cultural practices and work with my clients to relate and assimilate these ideas into their sexual experience and practice.

Sexual Kinesiology Sessions ($80/hour)

Erotic Mind Body Breath Work

Deeply rooted in American Tantric Tradition and soaked in California Consciousness; this is a ritualistic meditative journey of personal power, creativity, and transcendence.

Sessions include a combination of intention focused full body erotic massage and guided breath work all with the aim of bringing about a positive shift in consciousness and relationship with one’s self and the universe.

1.5 -2hrs

Erotic-Mind-Body-Breath-Work ($150/session)

*Erotic services are offered to ladies only, thanks; sorry, no dudes! I’m happy to coach you or you and a partner on how to facilitate this for yourselves, please ask me how.

Martial Arts Instruction

Currently I am repaying my debt to Martial Arts Society by teaching grappling based martial arts at Kickass MMA in Morely, Western Australia.

My style is heavily based in the archaic principles, techniques, and traditions of Judo and Jujitsu and a is celebration of my Northern California martial arts heritage that I love so much.

I have a Black Belt in Judo from San Jose State University and am recognized as a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu by Steve Kennedy under the Next Generation MMA Flag.

Classes are held 12pm every Wednesday @ kickass mma


I am also available privately for one-on-one, or better one-on-two, coaching. ($80/hour)

(Feel free to bring a friend at no extra cost)

Contact & Availability

I am available for meetings face to face in and around Perth, Western Australia; and am happy to travel and work remotely via telecommunication.

Keen for field work, getting my hands dirty, and taking on new and exciting projects!

If you need help figuring out where the fuck you are going, want healing, hurting, to look better naked, get past your own bullshit, or to simply feel like a race horse; please get in touch.

For a free initial consultation, please fill out the form below…

Alternatively you can contact me via e-mail: info@markvokinesio.com

Mark Vorkoeper Kinesiology

Mark Vorkoeper Kinesiology

Much Love & Thanks!

Mark Vorkoeper

B.S. Kinesiology

Perth, Western Australia

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