Hello and welcome to Mark Vorkoeper Kinesiology!

I hold this space to share my kinesthetic interests, communicate a bit of science, talk a whole lot of shit, and of course – sell you some services.

My major aim is to work with clients through a combined process of coaching, consultation, and training; with the intention of aligning our efforts with the many forces of the universe in reaching the ever greater peaks of this human existence.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is broadly defined as the study of human movement, performance, and function; and is generally applied to fields of competition and sport as well used as a holistic means for promoting health and performance in all aspects of life!

In order to solve a problem or find a pathway to success; whether it be personal, organizational, or societal; Kinesiologists take a multidisciplinary approach, applying knowledge, methods of inquiry, principles, and practices from traditional areas of study in the arts, humanities and sciences.

My primary focus these days is the understanding of the psychoneurobiology of Shaktism and its related practices and how they play a role in our health and human performance – particularly in the areas of creativity, flow, and intuition.


Currently I am offering these services…

Kinesiology / Human Performance / Bio-Hacking Consultation

Health, fitness, well being, biological / life science – human performance consultations; let’s talk about it and get you moving in the right direction!


Deeply soaked in California consciousness and rooted in American tantric tradition – this is a meditative journey of creativity, power, and transcendence.

Methods based on the nuerotheological understanding Shaktism and some of it’s it’s various related practices.

Sessions focus on intention and attention and consist of a combination of guided breath and body work.

Process is designed to assist aspirants in accessing and navigating non-ordinary states of consciousness which are proclaimed by mystics and reported by scientists to facilitate creativity, psychosomatic healing, positive shifts in personality, and conscious evolution.

Performance Coaching

A no bull-shit process of action, accountability, and understanding.

Clients are periodically assisted on mission to determine top priorities, increase situational awareness, neutralize interference, and identify best course of action.

Combative Martial Arts Training

My style is a combination of the archaic customs, techniques, and principles of judo and juijitsu and is a celebration of my Northern California martial arts heritage.

It is an absolute pleasure to teach and share the gentle arts of mutual benefit / wellfare as well as maximum efficiency minimum effort to all who are willing.

Mother Knows Best: Weekend Bush Retreats

Treat yourself to a time out from the pressures and absurdities of daily life.

Immerse yourself in a rich natural environment and enjoy a weekend of mindfulness, movement, and meditation.

Service available April – November in Western Australia and should be booked well in advance.

Includes: Mindfulness, movement, and meditation sessions; daily one-on-one coaching and body work; and luxury bush glamping accommodation.

Contact & Availability

I am available for meetings face to face, in and around Perth, Western Australia; and am happy to travel, work remotely, and connect via telecommunication.

If you need help figuring out where the fuck you are going, want healing, hurting, to look better naked, get past your own bullshit, or to simply feel like a race horse; please get in touch.

Keen for fieldwork, hands on activity, and taking on new and exciting projects!

To schedule an initial consultation please fill out the form below.

Alternatively you can contact me via e-mail: info@markvokinesio.com

Mark Vorkoeper Kinesiology

Mark Vorkoeper Kinesiology

Much Love & Thanks!

Mark Vorkoeper

B.S. Kinesiology

Perth, Western Australia

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